Project Review and Performance/Impact Evaluation

The objectives of the evaluation exercise have been to:

  • Assess the extent to which project objectives have been achieved and thier effects on target beneficiaries and the wider society
  • Assess project strengths and weaknesses, lessons learnt and propose a way forward.
  • Ascertain results (outputs, outcomes and impacts) and assess relevance, effectiveness (value for money), sustainability, organization, efficiency  and impacts
  • Provide findings, conclusions and recommendations with respect to a specific policy and future programmes, interventions, etc.


A combination of both conventional and participatory evaluation methods:

  • Documentation Review
  • Semi-structured face-to-face interviews/discussions
  • Data collection forms and questionnaires
  • Consultations with a wide range of stakeholders: management, donors
  • Focus group discussions: past & current beneficiaries
  • Observation and site visits
  • Regular interactions on the findings with the Management Teams.