Completed Projects




Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF- 2006)


  • A 5 year strategic plan developed
  • Implementation of most of recommendations

Foundation for Civil Society (FCS 2006)


  • Further financing

nola (National Organisation for Legal Aid 2007)


  • Implementation of most of recommendations
  • Funding continued

Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET 2007)


  • Further funding

Ethics Secretariat in Tanzania (2008)


  • Funding continued
  • Slow implementation

Institutional Assessment of the Policy Forum (2008)


  • Satisfactory of implementation of recommendations

Youth Action Volunteers (YAV 2008)


  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Changed its name to SIKIKA

Policy Forum (2008)


  • Implementation of most of the recommendations

The Development of a National Early Childhood Development  Advocacy Strategy (2013)


Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN

  • Very participatory involving TECDEN members and stakeholder
  • Had 4 main stages and reports:
  1. Identification of advocacy issues,
  2. Mapping TECDEN members,
  3. Establishing baseline indices for capacity building,
  4. Developing advocacy messages
  5. Finally the writing of the strategy document.





SAWATA Karagwe (2003)

Review of the Civic and Legal Rights Education Project

Revision of the Civic and Legal Rights Education Project

Sawata Karagwe/Foundation for Civil Society

Mwanza Women Development Association (2003 & 2004)

Impact evaluation of microfinance projects

CARE Tanzania

SWISSAID Tanzania (2003/2004)

Evaluation of SWISSAID Partner projects (in Kagera, Mtwara, Dar es Salaam and Coast regions) and identification of strategic needs of partners.


Zanzibar Association for Disabled (UWZ) -2003

Evaluation of Training and Income Generation Projects


Care Tanzania (2003)

Mid Term Evaluation of the Basic Education Fellowship Project

CARE Tanzania

 Changamoto Life Preservation Fund (2004) –Zanzibar

Facilitation of a Workshop on End of Education Projects

CARE Tanzania

Caritas Tanzania/TEC - 2004

Facilitation of a Workshop on End of Education Projects  

Caritas Tanzania

Taaluma Women, Safina Women’s Association and Geita Education Trust 2003 & 2004

Evaluation and Documentation of Education Projects

CARE Tanzania

UMABU - Musoma

Review of Girls’ Education in Bukwaya

CARE Tanzania


Impact Tracking of DAIPESA Training Program


CARE Tanzania

Impact Evaluation of Tusome Vitabu Project

CARE Tanzania

Tanzania Government (2006)

Learning assessment of the “GBS Annual Review 2006”

Swiss Development Cooperation

Marie Stopes 2008

Evaluation of  the Implementation of PPP between Marie Stopes and LGAs in Tanzania


AMREF 2008

Mid-term Evaluation of the Mtwara Community Based Malaria Control


Marie Stopes Tanzania 2009

Review of Youth and Women SRH Indicators in Tanzania


Roman Catholic Diocese of Musoma 2010

Evaluation of ECED Programme for Musoma Diocese

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Marie Stopes 2010

End-of-Project Evaluation for the MST Reproductive, Maternal/Child Health and HIV/AIDS Project.


UMABU 2011

Review of the Integrated Project Implemented by UMABU

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

YWCA – Moshi, Watoto Wapinge UKIMWI and UMABU (Aug - Nov. 2011)

 End of project evaluation of 3 institutions

Terre des Hommes NL


Assessment of water supply and sanitation services in Dar es Salaam


5 education NGOs, 2 microfinance NgOs and 3 sports NGOs (March/April 2012)

Mid Term Evaluation

Stromme Foundation

Patandi Teachers’ Training College July 2012

End of project Evaluation ‘Teacher Training Special Needs project’

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Vocational training institutions, employers, potential trainees and the client (2013)

Research on Effectiveness of Vocational Training Tanzania (had 6 separate reports:

  1. Literature Review Report
  2. Inventory on the Characteristics and Training Needs of the VET Beneficiaries in Lake Zone
  3. Inventory on the Functioning, Successes and Challenges of Existing Vocational Training Centres in Lake Zone
  4. Skills Needed In the Labour Market and Opportunities for Small Enterprises on The Local Market in the Lake Zone
  5.  Family and Society Involvement in Vocational Training
  6. Vocational Training in Lake Zone:  Perspectives of Beneficiaries and Stakeholders





Terre Des Hommes & Liliane Foundation,  The Netherlands






Facilitation of a Mid Term Evaluation Workshop on the Basic Education Fellowship Project (2003)

CARE Tanzania partners

CARE Tanzania

Workshop Facilitation on the Evaluation of the Caritas Tanzania/ILO Project on Elimination of Child Labour through Vocational Training (2003)



Training in Fund-Raising and Financial Management for the leaders of Mufindi Education Trust (MET)

Mufundi Education Trust


Training and Consultancy centre for NGOs (TRACE)

Training Human Resource Management

Several NGOs





 St. Anthony Vocational Training Centre (2004)

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Patandi Teachers’ Training College 2010 & 2011

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

St. Alberto Teachers Training College 2011

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Roman Catholic Diocese of Musoma

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

 Shekinah Community Based Tourism 2007


HakiElimu (Pre-Retreat Planning Workshop -2007


Tanzania Youth Alliance (TAYOA) Development of a SP -2007

TAYOA & partners

 TEN/MET (Strategic Plan) 2008


Foundation for Civil Society (Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2005-2008) 2008

FCS partners

Marie Stopes Tanzania (Implementation of PPP with LGAs - 2008)




Beneficiary Institution

Client & Sponsor

Facilitation: Local Resource Mobilisation (3 months in 2004

SWISSAID Tanzania (2004)


Resource Mobilisation Consultant (Jun-Aug. 2003)

Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation


Role of Board Members on Resource Mobilisation

  • MST Tanzania (May 2008)
  • ESRF (Nov. 2011)

MST Tanzania


Training on Fund Raising and micro-financing projects (2003)

SWAA-T Officials


Lead Facilitator for one week Fundraising Skills Sharing Workshop (June 2003)

Members of Tanzania 4H Organisation

Tanzania 4H Organisation

Development of a Fundraising proposal for the Nyumba ya Amani Project (2003)

House of Peace


Workshop Facilitation: Local Resource Mobilisation Development of Micro-financing projects for partners



Project Proposal Development on micro-finance projects (2004)

Changamoto Life Preservation Fund –Zanzibar

Changamoto Life Preservation Fund –Zanzibar

Facilitator: Local Resource Mobilisation Workshop

NGOs supported by CORDAID


Facilitation of a one week Resource Mobilisation training workshop

8 NGOs supported by Terre des Hommes Netherlands and based in Musoma (Sept. 2012)

TdH NL & 8 TdH NL partners

Developing a Financial Sustainability Strategy Plan

INCOMET (2004),

Foundation for Civil Society 2006


  • FCS
  • SWISSAID Tanzania

Training on Financing, Fundraising and Financial Management for Political Parties in Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia

Political parties in Tanzania, Zambia & Malawi


Development of Fundraising proposals for FOGOTA 2004

FOGOTA members


Preparation of the Tanzania Donor Directory for Stromme Foundation

Partners of Stromme Foundation in East Africa

Stromme Foundation





Training Needs Assessment and development of training modules (2003/05)

  • TAWLA (2003)
  • CBE 2004
  • Television Zanzibar (2005)
  • Arua District Local Government – Uganda - 2005
  • Immigration Department (2006)
  • 5 training institutes under the Ministry of Communications and Transport 2005

NUFFIC (The Netherlands)

Market Research on Business Opportunities for South Africa SMEs in Tanzania 2007

ECIAfrica Consulting (S.A

ECIAfrica Consulting (S.A)

Research on Broadening the Tax Base and Enhancing Tax Compliance in Tanzania  2008/2009

Tanzanian Government


Country Team Leader (Investor Survey) 2010              

Tanzanian Business community


Establishment of the Bukoba Development Agency (BDA -an MFI) 2009

Bukoba Urban residents

Bukoba Urban MP

Research on Formalization on the Informal Sector in Tanzania: Barriers and Benefits 2011

Tanzania Government


Market and infrastructural research for the establishment of a Soda King carbonated soft drinks and related beverages plant in Tanzania 2010

 Soda King Franchising CC (South Africa)

Soda King Franchising CC

Training Needs Assessment for 35 NGOs, Development of Training Modules and Conducted training for senior NGO officers 2003 & 2004

Ugandan NGOs


Research on the Status of Performance of Schools under ECED and Development Project Supported by Terre Des Hommes Netherlands (Oct/Nov 2012)

Musoma Diocese


Research on the Contribution of the NGO sector to the Socio-economic development of Tanzanians.

Tanzanian civil society


Updating a document on Non Profit Sector in Tanzania 2004

Tanzanian civil society

Allavida, Kenya

Research on NGO Fundraising Trends in Tanzania 2003

Tanzanian civil society

The Resource Alliance

Resource Mobilisation workshop for 8 NGOs (Sept 2012)

8 NGOs

UMABU/ Terre des Hommes Nethrlands


Development of a national ECD Advocacy Strategy

The general objective of this assignment was to provide technical support to TECDEN in developing an advocacy campaign for promotion of IECD in 3 CiC impact districts and the general public at large.

The exercise involved various tasks leading to 5 separate on:

  • TECDEN Advocacy Issues

  • Mapping Profiles of TECDEN members

  • TECDEN Advocacy indices for capacity building

  • TECDEN Advocacy Messages

  • TECDEN IECD Advocacy Strategy

  • TECDEN National Secretariat

  • TECDEN Regional Chapters in the 3 selected regions

  • TECDEN Members and partners

  • Children in Crisis (CiC)

  • Districts where the exercise was conducted: Mvomero, Moshi, Ilemera and Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN)





ROMME Centre 2001


  • Founder
  • Systems and procedures in place

House of Peace (a Shelter for Women and Children in Crisis) 2003-2004


  • Concept Note and Project proposal
  • Funding proposal

Bukoba Development Agency (a MFI)

Bukoba Urban MP

  • Project Concept Note
  • Development of systems and procedures
  • Follow up of project in Management consultancy services implementation

ECD Network in Morogoro

Safina Women Association

  • Facilitation workshop
  • Work plan development

Soda King Franchising CC (South Africa)

Soda King Franchising CC (South Africa)

  • A soft drink factory was established in Arusha, Tanzania in 2010

BanaPads Ltd, Tanzania (2013)


  • Collaboration with BanaPads Ltd Uganda
  • Secured a loan from Start Fund (Netherlands)




Manager Tanzania Business Development Scheme (of the Matching Grants Programme) – April 2008-Dec 2011

Trade Development Institute of Ireland (TDI)/TPSF

Country Representative (2005-2010)

STROMME Foundation

Trade Country Representative (2007-2011)

South African International Business Linkages Programme (SAIBL)

Country Team Leader (UNIDO Investor Survey Sept. 2010- March 2011)





Managing the Tanzania Business Development Scheme (2008 – 2011)

Trade Development of Ireland and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

International Consultant with Somaliland Business Fund (2013 to date)

Landell Mills of UK

Provision of inputs for the formation of specific funds (SNV Zimbabwe and Tanzania Forestry)



Establishment of links among entrepreneurs within Tanzania and Tanzania and South African businesses on behalf of SAIBL

Southern African International Business Linkages Programme (SAIBL)

Facilitating establishment of businesses in the country - Soda King Franchising CC (South Africa) has a soft drink factory in Tanzania.

Soda King Franchising

Participation in the UNIDO Investor Survey in Tanzania 2010/11 


Mentoring on business enterprises

University of Dar es Salaam Enterprise Centre

Developing proposals for the enhancement of SMEs in terms of training and mentoring SMEs on business operations.

Successful proposals to  Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), UNDP, Tanzania Deepening Financial Trust (TDST) and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)

Designing and implementation of training programmes (modules) & follow up or after care services

Used for ICF supported projects


  • Provision of inputs for the formation of specific funds (SNV Zimbabwe
  • Establishment of links among entrepreneurs within Tanzania and Tanzania and South African businesses
  • Facilitating establishment of businesses in the country - Soda King Franchising CC (South Africa) has a soft drink factory in Tanzania.
  • Research on marketing aspects, business formalization and taxation issues leading to publications
  • Collaboration with national and international institutions on SME sector development and private sector development
  • Participation in the UNIDO Investor Survey in Tanzania 2010/11 
  • Technical expertise to newly established businesses

Mentoring and hand holding


Validation of Training modules for MSMEs

During the third week of February 2016, ROMME Centre participated in reviewing and validating 3 training manuals for Tanzanian MSMEs. The TSDT supported exercise was organized by TPSF.

These manuals have been published and ready for use during the training sessions due in April 2016.

Review business environment of Tanzania’s MSMEs

Review literature of Bangladesh, Kenya and Zambia, assess its relevance for Tanzania.

Review and edit 3 training modules for MSMEs to be used for training of MSMEs in Tanzania.

Participated in he workshop to review the future of the Financial Services Sector in the country. Explore the barries faced by MSMEs in the market and possible steps to address the barrirers.