• Participants to the Solid Waste Management Round Table meeting

    (Hargeisa, May 2014)

  • At one of the researchers' meetings in Arusha, Dec. 2010
  • Bujingwa Pre-school children Feb. 2012
  • A ROMME Reseach Assistant at Bukoba Museum
  • ECD pupils having a meal at Zawadi Day Care Centre (Mzumbe) - 2013
  • Paying attention to Ruta’s presentation in Johannesburg (Nov. 2008)
  • Mr. Inshasha of Strategic Investment (Bukoba Dec. 2009).
  • Students with hearing impairment at Patandi Mazoezi (Arumeru)


ROMME Centre is devoted to research and vocational training purposes of a public nature. The objectives for which the Centre is established are:

  • To assist CBOs, NGOs and other non-profit organisations (NPOs) to improve their skills in raising and managing resources for their programmes and activities and to make their endeavours more effective;
  • To promote and facilitate initiatives towards microfinancing and credit services for the CSO sector.
  • To promote, establish and maintain high standards of ethics and practice among persons and organisations engaged in the raising of funds, microfinancing and financial control.
  • To educate and inform organisations, associations, other bodies and the public for the purpose of bringing about a better understanding of the fundraising profession and resource mobilization.
  • To promote, sponsor and encourage research, consultancy, education and training in the field of fundraising, microfinancing and sustainability of civil society organizations.
  • To provide and maintain a forum for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas relating to resource mobilisation, microfinancing and financial sustainability of the Tanzanian Civil Society sector.
  • To encourage networks and co-operation among NGOs in all matters pertaining to the fundraising by promoting meetings, conferences and conventions of persons or bodies whose deliberations may be of benefit to the profession of fundraising and NGO management.
  • To join, affiliate, and otherwise co-operate with institutions, organisations, associations or societies whether incorporated or not having objectives wholly or in part similar to the objectives of ROMME Centre.
  • To do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the attaining of the above objectives or any of them