• Participants to the Solid Waste Management Round Table meeting

    (Hargeisa, May 2014)

  • At one of the researchers' meetings in Arusha, Dec. 2010
  • Bujingwa Pre-school children Feb. 2012
  • A ROMME Reseach Assistant at Bukoba Museum
  • ECD pupils having a meal at Zawadi Day Care Centre (Mzumbe) - 2013
  • Paying attention to Ruta’s presentation in Johannesburg (Nov. 2008)
  • Mr. Inshasha of Strategic Investment (Bukoba Dec. 2009).
  • Students with hearing impairment at Patandi Mazoezi (Arumeru)

Mission & Vision

ROMME Centre envisages a financially sustainable Civil Society (CSO) sector in Eastern and Southern Africa for the improvement of the welfare of citizens.

ROMME Centre exists to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development in Africa by promoting and enhancing local CSO capacity for resource mobilisation and management  initiatives by providing professional and technical expertise through research, training and consultancy. The Centre is committed to facilitating the development of a wide range of technical and managerial skills relating to fundraising, microfinancing and financial management. By strengthening the CSO sector, ROMME Centre is definitely contributing to the people’s efforts towards good governance, democracy and poverty reduction.